3 Feet of Sheep

Last year I picked up a Three Feet of Sheep package from Frabjous Fibers. This year I’ve got it in my head to spin some energized singles and try my hand at a collapse weave project. Seemed that the Three Feet of Sheep package could make a rather interesting scarf.

I separated out the colors as I know I will not need 8 oz. of fiber for a collapse weave. I figure I’ll spin a bunch, size them, begin weaving, and if I need more, I can spin more.


I am about halfway through what I set aside for this project. However, it is unnatural for me to spin energized singles so I think I’ll run them back through the wheel once they are done to really give them some proper energy.

The fiber itself is spinning up just beautifully! It’s a darker toned wool dyed over with lovely rich colors, and that is going to make for yarn with a nice depth.