Done for the year

I am done working for the year. Or should I say, working at my place of employment. Done done done. It feels great. Now, to get the house in order for the holidays.

But, before  I work on the house, I figured I’d finish casting off the body of the Funky Grandpa sweater. To be honest, I want to start the sleeves of this one before I get to the sleeves on the Grandpa Cardigan. Believe it or not, new techniques totally worry me, despite having knit for ages and ages now. And so if I am going to mess up a sleeve, let it be a regular sleeve rather than a sleeve with cables on it!


I thought I would lengthen this, but in the end I followed the pattern exactly. The writer was so specific about placement of strips and so on that I thought maybe I should just imagine she knows better than I do and go with it. We’ll see!

I must say, we’ve had dreary rainy weather here, and no snow. The brightness of this knit is very welcome these days!