A new year requires a knitting resolution.

Let’s start with that. As you may know, I’ve got two sweaters on the needles. And quite frankly, I don’t want to knit either of them. I have been attempting to substitute spinning for my knitting angst, but even that keeps feeling underwhelming. I am just not feeling it right now.

Mr. Ink says this is because the current project occupying my brain is his house, and he may be right. In the same way I completely obsess over knitting and spinning and biking, I obsess over other projects, and we’ve got a rather large one this month at his house. It has taken over my brain, and the planning of the project and the to do lists to get it finished are constantly in my head.

When I was a catering manager, my mom came to observe me once. She said that management, for me, looked like I had this ticker tape in my head that was always running spitting out the next detail that had to get finished in order to work on the following detail to get the entire event to happen on time. I am no longer a catering manager, but the ticker tape has never left my brain. And right now, that ticker tape is spitting out the steps for a house project, not for my favorite hobbies.

I suspect that until the project is done, or at least until it’s well under way, my brain space will continue to be occupied by the ticker tape and I won’t be overly interested in my hobbies.

That being said, I was able to move that ticker tape from the forefront last evening by making a knitting resolution. Instead of Month O’Socks, which didn’t even happen last year, I think it’s going to be the year of socks. If I look back on last year, I don’t think I even made one pair of socks. Not one. For an avid sock knitter with a good 90 pairs created in her knitting career, that seems really strange. But, I haven’t missed them at all.

The trouble is, I’ve lost a fair number of my socks this year to holes and general wearing out. It’s time for new socks.

So, like Yarn Harlot, I pulled out 12 skeins of yarn and I am going to attempt to knit one pair per month.


That there is yarn for 10 pairs. There’s yarn for a pair for Bug, yarn for a pair for Mr. Ink, and yarn for a pair for my mom. There are things that have been in my stash for ages as well as my most recent sock yarn acquisition. What about the other two pairs?

Well, I’ve got a pair already on the needles. These are from Socks That Rock Lightweight, and they’ve been on the needles for a very long time. I started them last year when needing something to keep in the car and knit on when I wasn’t willing to ride dirt as long as Mr. Ink wanted to ride dirt.


I figure it’s only fair to complete them since they’ve been on the needles for so long.

And the 12th pair is a pair I started last evening after sitting around not knitting and not spinning for far too long.


These are Socks That Rock mediumweight, colorway Basan. I’ve had the color in my stash for ages, it looks like the current color is a bit lighter than this. But, I like this very much, I’ve always liked yellow and this has my favorite yellow color in it.

I am knitting another pair of RPMs. I knit a pair in 2009 and they are my go to socks for cold weather riding. They’ve held up beautifully, they fit beautifully, and I appreciate them every time I put them on. Another pair will be most welcome.

Discerning BMFA addicts may note that in the stash photo there’s another mediumweight skein, The Cookie Next Door. That, too, will be a pair of RPMs.

Happy New Year friends, do you have knitting/spinning goals for this year?

4 thoughts on “Resolution

  1. I just finished a year of socks, and let me tell you, having that focus works! You might check out the knitting Sarah on ravelry (and wordpress) she ran a sock KAL last year, and she is keeping hte ravelry page up as a knitting group. It will inspire you when your ticker tape thinks you should be doing something else. 🙂 Her KAL was simply to knit some on your socks each day – whether a round, an inch or a whole foot.

    I hope you will share more about the house project as well as your knitting progress. 🙂

    • I know Sarah well actually! It always saddened me that my year of not knitting socks was taking place during her sock KAL. That being said, I’ve enjoyed watching everyone’s progress into sock knitting addiction.

      I wish the house project were a bit more interesting, but it isn’t. It’s trying to take a huge family home which hasn’t been gone through in too many years, housing the “stuff” from 6 different people as well as old family items, and getting it to a point where it can be sold sometime this year. So, it’s organizing and sorting and pile making for people to come in and sort through their own things. If we get to some really interesting “stuff” I might take pictures. 🙂

      • lol – it is addiction – and so we have convinced her to keep the thread live. Join us this year, it will be fun. 🙂

        As for the sorting and clearing out – a huge job! But keep your eyes open for beauties, treasures, and photo worthy things, you just never know what you will find.

  2. I can definitely play along with the socks this year. I am participating in Kate’s personal sock club (a variation on the Yarn Harlot’s I believe) so I will hopefully be knocking out at least a pair a month this year. So mark me down as a fellow sock addict willing to commiserate should the need arise.

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