Second Sock

In yesterday’s post I talked about how I wanted to work on socks for my mom and socks for Mr. Ink before continuing my RPMs. Unfortunately, the needles I wanted for socks for my mom happened to be in my partially finished sock I worked on bit by bit all last year. So, in order to release the needles, I finished that sock too.


This one is out of Socks that Rock Lightweight, and it’s just lovely. I am really looking forward to having the second sock of this set as well. All I needed for completion was a heel and a foot and a toe, and since I worked on it while I was still on vacation, it went quite quickly.

The sock pattern is Gentleman’s plain winter sock from Vintage Socks. It has a dutch heel which I love, and has become a go to pattern for a plain vanilla sock for both the ones I knit for me and my mom. It just fits beautifully. I love the way the heel wraps around the foot and cups my heel, and I’ve yet to have a pair wear out on me.

You are going to see a few of these, since I’ve started my mom’s socks too, and they are the same pattern. I’ve yet to figure out what I will do about Mr. Ink’s socks. I’ll save that for later.

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