Not All Socks

Ok, I know, it’s been all socks all the time around here. But, just to prove I am not all about socks all the time, I’ll show off my latest spinning project.


This is a merino wool from The Dyeing Arts. It doesn’t specify on the tag, but I am willing to bet that it’s superwash. It’s got that superwash feel to it. It’s spinning up just beautifully and I suspect it’s going to be far lighter than the fiber itself. It kind of has that Crown Mountain Farms look to it!

This brings me to a funny story. When Bug was small, she’d often give me the choice of a few things, and then choose what she wanted. I’d regularly have to say to her “What’s the point of asking ME when you are just going to do what you want anyhow?”

When I decided I needed a new spinning project, I pulled out a couple of fibers and asked which one she thought I should do. She gave me her opinion, I ignored it, and chose this one.

Prompting me to wonder if she learned that trick back then from me….

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