Again, not socks

Before I started all the socks, I had pulled out a skein of Marja’s yarn that I am just obsessed with. It’s grey and green and wonderful, I love all the subtle tones of it. I’d decided to knit it into a cowl, I wound the yarn, and then got distracted by all those socks.

But, as is usual, after more than a week solid of socks, my hands were done in. I did a bit of spinning, but then I wanted to cast on for this cowl for some easy knitting.


I am still working on the socks, but this was a fine little break yesterday.

I also took a pair of socks, some ankle socks I knit awhile back, and frogged them. I wore them maybe once, and the yarn was nice opal yarn, and if I am completely uninterested in wearing them, it’s better to claim back that yarn for a pair of full length socks. After all, I’d saved the rest of the skein.

Mr. Ink’s house project has moved along quite nicely as well. In fact, my part in it is done. It took up loads of time, but it was also quite interesting. He comes from an entire family of artists, and there were so many beautiful things. One drawing really struck me in particular, it was stuffed in with his mom’s art school work. We were both taken with the self portrait, and when we calculated it out, she was only 16 yrs old when she did it. I am going to take the opportunity to ask her about some of those things the next time we spend some time together.

All in all, a pretty decent weekend. Tonight we celebrate on of Mr. Ink’s kids birthday, he’s picked out a dinner menu and we will all get together and make it. We plan to trick the kids into sorting through their stuff in the house while they are there. 😉