I got distracted! By baby hats.


The pixie baby hat, to be specific. I knit two of these last year, and they were so cute on their recipients. One of the hats went to a photo shoot and the child in that hat looks so adorable! And it was quite special for me that the hat went to a photo shoot.

I’ve got a childhood friend, she’s been in labor since yesterday morning at 3 a.m.  No baby yet. I decided I’d surprise her with a baby hat as well. And since there are 4 more pregnant women in my life, I figure I can just keep knitting baby hats.

The yarn picked here is Colinette Jitterbug. It’s been in my stash since I first started knitting seriously. Forever! It’s probably my oldest yarn. I am not a fan of baby stuff that looks overly girly for little girls, and am often found creating pretty things out of blue. I dressed my Bug in a ton of blue and yellow too when she was a tiny thing. This yarn just struck me as something pretty that would be great for a girl but not scream PINK.

There will be 2 of these, then I’ll have to switch to a color more appropriate for a baby boy, and then I’ll have to wait for some gender confirmations before I continue. Maybe someday I’ll get ahead!

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