It’s been one extremely busy week at work. There were days where I didn’t think it was possible to get through everything being thrown at me. And none of it was for the usual reasons, it was just all the tiny things combined with some bigger projects with deadlines being thrown at me left and right to create the perfect storm of work. On the bright side, I could see major progress each day on these tasks, so I would leave work feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and yet still satisfied.

But, I’ve forgotten to blog. Even though I’ve been knitting.

There was a baby born this week, a baby of a childhood friend. I spoke of this in the last post, and baby has now arrived. In fact, I was at this point in the hat when I saw the first pictures of her being posted on social media.


Just one little tie left to knit. You may remember that I started when I heard my friend was in labor.

This will go in the mail today, and I’ve got another on the needles as a commissioned project for a local photographer. And then I think I’ll take a break from baby hats and get back to my mom’s socks. I am SO CLOSE to a finish on a pair!