January Spinning

Here’s the thing. Every winter, I get spinning angst. I start to feel like I’ll never spin again and nothing is inspiring. It’s quite distressing every year, and I often threaten to sell my wheel. Thankfully, I’ve been through this often enough that even though I don’t always remember it from year to year, my friends do. And they remind me that as soon as the weather turns and the spring begins, I’ll be back to spinning and being inspired about it.

But for right now? Every bit is a struggle. I started an energized singles project before the holidays, fully intending to finish it and make a collapse weave scarf during the holidays. Well, I couldn’t be bothered to actually finish the spinning, AND, the holidays turned out to be incredibly busy. So, that flew out the window. And without vast quantities of time for it, that project became supremely uninspiring.

So, knowing that I would need something that would make me WANT to spin, I chose my Smaug braid from Inglenook. It’s gorgeous, it’s a combination of merino, superwash merino, and silk. It spins like a dream. I’ve managed about an ounce of it so far.


I grumbled the ENTIRE time.

Winter spinning = winter angst. Not for me.