That’s not how it was supposed to go!

My morning looked like this, initially:


That would be me, waiting with my coffee for the light to get reasonable enough to show off my latest two finished objects.

I went outside in my shirtsleeves to photograph them. Bug, who had been playing nicely in another room, decided to be all up in my business and come outside too, with no shoes on.

That’s when the trouble started. You see, we are waiting on the landlady to fix my screen door latch. When Bug came outside, she made it impossible for us to get back inside without my keys. I’d been counting on her being inside to let me back in.

Thankfully, I do take my blog pictures on my phone, and thankfully, it isn’t as bitter cold as it has been. I called my landlady and she sent her daughter over with the garage key. I tucked my arms inside my tshirt and we waited while shivering, but feeling pretty grateful it was something that wouldn’t last.

And thankfully, while the daughter was over here, she noticed a few more things that needed to be fixed, took measurements, and promised to get it all fixed.

So, now for the photos we took right before realizing we were locked out of the house.


This is pixie baby hat #2 this year, the other one looked exactly the same. Yarn is collinette jitterbug and I have enough for one more baby hat. I also finished this hat at the same time I found out that one of the expecting friends is having a girl. So, the rest of that yarn will be used up. You can see a ball of yarn in the first picture, that’s the one that will be used for a boy hat. But, that baby is due at the end of March so I’ve got a little time.


And…socks for my mom. Yarn is Opal, pattern is Gentleman’s Plain Winter Socks from Vintage Socks. One of my favorite patterns. This is complete pair #1 for my 12 pairs in 12 months. I think the yarn is entirely wearable, I think she’ll be pleased. A dark neutral to pair with various clothing, yet fun pops of color.

I am kind of hoping for another finish today, a handspun cowl. But, I also have tons to get done around the house today, so I am not going to push it.

And then, I REALLY need to get started on Mr. Ink’s socks. He’s got men’s 13.5 wide feet. It’s gonna be a long haul.