Icordion Cowl

i had this skein of Marja’s handspun, it called to me. In shades of grey and green I couldn’t resist it. I thought about it regularly and hunted for the perfect pattern.

I found that in the Icordion cowl. A regular accordion cowl with icord embellishments.


It really looks like stone and moss to me. So pretty! You can see in the picture the 3 icord embellishments, and then the bind off on top is an icord bind off.

I didn’t wash/block this one, as I think it looks great as is. It’s bouncy and interesting and I really love it. The handspun worked really well.

This one also knit up fairly quickly. It’s not a long cowl, but it doesn’t squish the neck either. The stacked accordion with the icords make it stand up nicely, lacking the flop that some of the wider cowls have.