I knit the emergency hat. I posted it on the book of faces, and asked if it was hat or cowl. It was quickly dubbed the “Howl.” So, now I can show you the howl.

IMG_2718 IMG_2717

I absolutely adore this pattern. I HATE knitting hats. For this? I knit a long flat strip, sew it, and have a hat. I think I am going to make 4 or 5 of these before I get sick of them. I TRULY love the pattern.

And, it is, of course, made all the better by two of my favorite things. Fiber dyed by Dyeabolical Yarns (The Kara colorway) and then spun into some awesome yarn by Marja.

This one is for Miss Marja. But, I am going to need one for me, and Bug wants one for her, and I just think that I won’t even be done knitting them at that point.

(I also need to add that colorway to my fiber stash. For REAL.)

2 thoughts on “Howl

  1. I couldn’t be more excited for this hat! It’s so amazing. I feel like I want it in 5 different yarns. It’s that great of a hat.

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