Just one night a week

I am trying to get better at eliminating the “shoulds” in my fiber world. I’ve been shoulding all over myself lately about my lack of spinning in the winter months. But, then I went back through my blog posts over the last 2 summers and realized that there’s entire months I don’t knit in the summer. It balances out, I just have trouble remembering that.

So, I think I am just going to try to spend a night a week at the wheel. And I did that this week, working on my Smaug braid.


It’s pretty much full of gorgeous. This is just under 2 oz. out of the 4 I have of the braid.

As for knitting, I am almost done with my february socks, and I just started a new project.


Yeah, I have a habit of thinking this is a good color, it’s almost exactly the same shade as my grandpa cardigan. To be fair, it’s leftover yarn from a project awhile back, it’s not like I went out and purchased that color all over again so quickly.

I am hoping to finish the project this weekend.