Two Out of Twelve

My February socks are done.

The problem with knitting socks over an entire year is gauge. This has always happened to me. I use exactly the same needles, but end up with a gauge change anyhow. It seems that for the second pair I knit quite a bit tighter.


I think it matters little in the end, I’ll never notice once the socks are in shoes and I am regularly wearing them. But at this moment it’s quite noticeable.

Has this ever happened to you in between sock one and two?

5 thoughts on “Two Out of Twelve

  1. I have had it happen, although like you said I don’t seem to notice it as much. Oddly enough my first sock tends to be the tighter one. I know some people who do something like TAAT but have them going on different needles, so they knit the toes on one and then the other, knit through the foot on one and then the other and so on. Maybe something to consider? No matter what those socks look lovely.
    How far do you decrease for the toe? Yours look a bit boxier (in a good way!) than what I end up with.

    • I am giggling a bit at TAAT, because I decided to do that the other day (though both at once on one needle, traditional TAAT) and I got so angry and fed up. I guess that’s why I’ve only ever used that technique once. However, this TAAT separate, that has some potential.

      I have found much annoyance in how much you are supposed to decrease according to sock patterns, I feel like the rather pointy toe always annoys me. A couple years ago I started to decrease to about 12 or 13 stitches on the bottom and the same on the top, then kitchener. It makes me far less annoyed with the toes. (To clarify, that’s decreasing the sock until there is around 24 stitches left total.)

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