Long Past Due

There’s this hat. The Oh Snapp! hat, that I’ve been wanting to knit for absolutely ages. It calls for Black Water Abbey Yarns for the hat. I had two skeins of worsted in stash, and I bought small amounts for the colorwork. Again, this was ages and ages ago.

I recently went through all my knitting books and patterns in an effort to weed some of them down a bit. While doing so, I came across the pattern for the hat. I should clarify that the pattern is not mine, so it needs to be returned to its owner. I figured I’d whip up an Oh Snapp! hat this weekend and then the pattern would be free to be returned.


I took a quick shot of the almost complete hat, because there were so many ends to weave in! Thankfully, a lot of them were braids as well, so it wasn’t too overwhelming. I knew the hat was going to be big, even though I knit the smallest size. And it was, so I decided to throw it in super hot water and attempt to full it a little. Once I pulled it out of the water, it had grown rather than shrunk.

So, I figured since it currently covered my eyes, I’d just try throwing it in the dryer with a load of clothing. One full dry cycle later, I had an amazing hat! The yarn softened beautifully, it shrunk up nice and tight, and all of that made my colorwork look really nice.


For real, I will probably knit a few more of these. It’s super cute, and was a lot of fun, and I hate knitting hats!