Weekend Goodness

I just finished an absolutely fabulous weekend. A winter weekend that turned out SO NICE.

We started Friday evening with a visit from Mr. Ink’s daughter. Seeing her is always a pleasure, but this visit also had a purpose. She’s a young person just starting out, and she doesn’t even have a bed in her apartment. And we needed her to sort through her room. So, we sorted, tossed, recycled, handed down, boxed up and moved the stuff she was keeping to her apartment. We didn’t get finished until about 1 saturday morning, but we started the weekend with a great sense of accomplishment.

Saturday brought the beauty of snow. It started as rain mixed with snow and I took an opportunity to take a lovely walk in it. Then I spent some time relaxing and watching the snow fall throughout the day. The evening brought additional loveliness, with Mr. Ink’s cooking. Steak, homemade french onion soup, salad, red wine, and a fire in the fireplace.


And the next morning, we woke up to a world completely transformed.

IMG_2745 IMG_2744

There was technically only about 8 inches of snow. However, it had also gotten very windy. Mr Ink suggested that we both shovel my driveway, a fact I was eternally grateful for, since the snow was up to my knees for my entire driveway, sidewalk, and stairs to the house. There was no area in which the snow was lower than my knees. Once we got my place cleared out, we headed to his house to work on his driveway. The house is large, as is the driveway and it has very long sidewalks. The blowing and drifting at his place was terrible as well. We shoveled from 10 am to 1:30 pm, with about a half hour of travel time in there. That’s a lot of fresh air!
I had told Mr. Ink that I was not going to go on my normal walk on Monday, as I felt that I’d gotten plenty of exercise during shoveling. He said “I’d be surprised if you even COULD walk tomorrow.” And I realized he was probably correct.

After the shoveling and lunch, I was not ready to be done with the gorgeous day, and I recently borrowed a fat bike from a friend, so I went on a bike ride with a buddy of mine, and that too, was amazing.


Just WAY too much fun on a weekend.

Schools are closed today and I am home with Miss Bug. I made her model my latest Howl, made of Marja’s handspun. It was a loop bump so there was plenty of yarn, and I added a flower to it.

IMG_2747 IMG_2748

Now it’s cold outside, and I have to attempt to shovel out the bottom of the driveway where the snow plow made a mess last night, so we can get out and be social at lunchtime.