Lizard Ridge Reboot

Recently, Rachel of Dyeabolical yarns finished her long term project, Lizard Ridge. It was so inspiring to watch her finish it in fairly quick order even though I know that blanket has been on her needles for quite some time. After all, it was her Lizard Ridge blocks that originally inspired my desire to knit one.

Well, I’ve been working on a Lizard Ridge blanket since 2011. Every once in awhile I get it out and make some progress, but progress has been stalled on it for quite some time. However, with a potential move in the nearish future, I figured it would be a great deal easier to move a finished blanket than it would be to move all these small parts and small skeins of yarn.

Yesterday I pulled out the blanket, finished the last square of a strip, soaked it, and blocked it.


This is a really big deal! The second strip is almost done as well, just a repeat away. However, the dog will be here tonight, and it is absolutely impossible for him to leave blocked knitting alone. So, despite being able to complete the strip today, I won’t get a chance to block and then seam these two together until sometime this week.

Here’s the thing. I’ve got 4 strips going at the moment, all of them almost done. However, I’ve thought about this regularly, and I think I’d like to make this into a queen sized throw for the top of my bed. After all, there’s nothing like bright bold color to inspire creativity in me. I am thinking that the 4 strips won’t be enough. That’s a bit discouraging, but I am just going to seam the 4 up, and see where I am after that.

But for now? It’s time to enjoy the weather and the melting snow and get out there on my bike! Not much knitting today, as We’ve got Mr. Ink’s birthday celebration tonight as well. All good fun times of a weekend!

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