March Socks Done

I’ve worked very hard to finish Mr. Ink’s socks this week. I’ve worked on them exclusively. I’ve worked on them until I created a blister on my index finger. And still I worked on them, just moving around that blister. Last night while taking a break from the house stuff, we watched a movie together and I knit on his sock.

By the time the movie was over, I had finished the leg of the sock, and picked out the stitches for the afterthought heel. This morning before work I had already started the heel, adding in one of the short row gussets. Lunchtime at work brought me even closer to the finish line, and once I got home, all that was left is a few rows, a kitchener, and some weaving in ends.

Sadly, I won’t see Mr. Ink’s feet to get a picture of the socks on feet until tomorrow. So, all I can give you today is a picture of completed March socks.


I admit though, I am ridiculously excited to get started on Something Else. Anything else. I’ve got a secret project to knit. I’ve got a couple baby hats to knit. And, I intend to get right back into working on Lizard Ridge.

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