The Weekend Commences

We’ve had house projects and out of town company for the last two weeks. It’s been extremely busy, and very low on quiet time for introverts like Mr. Ink and me. Not that we haven’t enjoyed it, and not that we haven’t been extremely productive. But, we still need a little down time, and we haven’t managed to squeak much of that in lately.

Bug went to her dad’s last evening. This morning I had a massage scheduled, but it was canceled last evening. I admit, I was really happy about the cancellation, as what I truly wanted was to hang around my house all alone. And that’s what I got to do!

This morning saw me up early with a cup of coffee or two and some spinning. All of the knitting I’ve done lately has my hands in bad shape again, so I figured I’d give them a break while working on my lizard ridge blanket.


The two balls of singles were spin ages ago. We are talking years at this point. I had made some traditional rolags on my hand cards and spun them up just to see what happened. They turned out beautifully, and I had a plan for the yarn, but the plan got lost in the process of dyeing and flick carding more of the CVM Romeldale fleece that the singles are from. So they sat in that form for ages.

I think I am going to need a 3 ply yarn for the lizard ridge border, in order for it to be thick enough yarn to match the Noro Kureyon. I am now spinning from the flicked lock, as it works just as well as the rolags, though the colors probably won’t be quite as well blended. I am not entirely sure if I should do this as a 3 ply or 4 ply, but I am going to do a test skein in 3 ply because my guess is that it’ll bloom like mad once it’s washed and fulled.

You might notice the new support spindle! It’s a Silly Salmon Designs, and I traded some fiber from my stash for it when Ms. Marja decided she didn’t fall in love with it appropriately. I am totally in love with it, as I am with my other Silly Salmon support spindle. It just spins and spins, and holds a ton of yarn beautifully.

I also have another block done on what I am hoping is my final Lizard Ridge strip.


Looking at my remaining skeins, it seems like the tones of this strip are going to lead toward purple, which is kind of fun.

I have another fabulous project on the needles, which I’ll show you tomorrow, so this project is kind of being worked on in bits and pieces. Spare time, when I need something fairly mindless. But, I remain highly motivated about it!

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