New Spindle and Other Updates

The baby sweater moves right along at a comfortable pace.

But, Lizard Ridge is still my focus. I’ve got the actual blocks at work to knit on during lunch break. But at home, I am working on spinning my CVM Romeldale fleece into a yarn that can be used for the border.

I decided that this week I’d spend spinning singles on my support spindles, only to spend the upcoming weekend plying. Hopefully I’ll have two decent skeins of yarn to show for it.


Speaking of spinning, I just picked up a new spindle. It’s from MissingSpindle on Etsy. This one has both a pottery whorl and a lampwork whorl that can be used together or separately. You can get just the lampwork portion at glassbead on Etsy if you were so inclined.


The one I purchased is meant to be a drop spindle, used in conjunction with a half hitch at the end of the yarn. However, I am using it entirely as a support spindle and it spins so beautifully! I am just absolutely over the moon for this spindle. I purchased it because it was new to me, and interesting because of that. But, I admit I didn’t really expect to fall head over heels for it. But I did! So, check out those options if you are a support spinner. It’ll be well worth your time.

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