Funny Weather

At the end of February and all the way through March we get some rather funny weather. Yesterday it got up to 45F but dropped quickly in the evening. I’d planned a bike ride, and 7 other cyclists showed up to ride with me. We managed a 24 mile ride despite the chill in the air and the roads and trails icing over once the temperature dropped.

Today? It’s snowing like mad, but doesn’t really look like it wants to stick around.

But, I keep thinking that next week is March, and March usually means days here and there that are quite warm and pleasant comparatively. The easing into the next season. And I am looking forward to it.

On our bike ride there were geese flying about, and we had a close encounter with a rather active skunk. I take all of these things as signs of a season change as well. And I enjoy the optimism of a sign at the end of winter.

Today’s knitting update brings us to the third block of what is hopefully the last strip on my Lizard ridge. I have completed it. I really liked the yarn I chose for this block, as it is quite different from all the others.


4 thoughts on “Funny Weather

  1. Skunks and geese? Definitely a sign of spring in the country! Our skunks are still tucked up in their dens sleeping, I hope, for their sake. I look forward to the morning we awake to that pungent odor!

    • 8 cyclists that close to a skunk, we were ALL a little nervous, including the skunk. That being said, he did decide to leave the trail rather than spray us down. Found out this morning a cougar was also spotted where we were riding. Somehow, I am still more scared of the skunk.

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