With Lizard Ridge done, I feel a little bit lost. I knit a bit on the sock I have on the needles for April, and then predominately spun because I am just not sure what to do next. I can’t start another sweater until I finish the two that are currently on the needles. I don’t want to start another sock. I could really use a quick palette cleanser, but I have packed up almost all my yarn.

I did, however, spend 3 days of my weekend crafting time plying my Smaug batt and braid. I was absolutely under the impression that I’d have a lot of the braid left over since the batt was a lighter weight. But, that really wasn’t the case.

750 yards of 2 ply fingering weight yarn. It turned out absolutely beautiful, and I am really digging the bright and interesting color combinations, as well as the shine of silk, and the contrast of the smooth yarn paired with the batt.

IMG_2864 IMG_2863

This one is a winner! And I just may start on the Canyonette shawl I’ve got this yarn pegged for.

A Completion


Lizard Ridge is done. All knit and finished. I feel fortunate that I worked on weaving in the ends before I finished the border. It would have been tough to keep at it after the border was complete.

What it needs now is a really good steam blocking to loosen up the border yarn and make it lay flatter. There’s no way I am going to try to soak and block a queen size blanket, so a good steam blocking will have to do.

Unfortunately, the iron is packed. And I am not going to go try to find it at this point. So, it’ll have to wait for the unpacking in the new house. I’ll show a final picture then.

It is, however, a great relief to have it complete, and now I can work on other fun projects! Most notably the Smaug batt and braid plying project.

Two different bobbins.

IMG_2860 IMG_2862

Hopefully the yarn will dry quickly so I can show you a final handspun picture tomorrow!


It was so close!


With only 30 stitches left on the needle to bind off, I ran out of yarn for the border of my Lizard Ridge. So frustrating!

Thankfully, I’d already spun two spindles of singles. Each spindle had 16 grams of yarn on them, so I flick carded 16 more grams of yarn, spun it, and plied it late last evening.


I then made a mini skein. 75 more yards of the border yarn. And with that, I can officially be done with Lizard Ridge.

I’ve been oddly lacking in angst at the end of this project. Typically, at the end of such an epic project I’d be so eager for it to be done that I’d become frustrated and start calling in the project of doom or some such nonsense, just to carry me through. With this one? I just never had that feeling. All I had was a zen contentment with it, despite numerous setbacks. I do hope that means I’ll have a finished object with no negative memories attached to it!

The light

Yesterday I finished the border knitting of the Lizard Ridge, and began the long task of the applied icord bind off. I snapped this shot after turning the first corner.


It made me so happy to see it all coming together like that, and it also confirmed the icord bind off choice. It really looks so lovely and finished!

I worked on it all evening, and a little this morning, and then I snapped this shot:


It doesn’t look much different than the last shot, but that’s corner #3, which means I only have one more side left! The end is in sight, I’ve seen the light at the end of this tunnel, and, quite frankly, I am a little confused as to what I’ll knit after it’s done!

(As a side note, I also think I am going to run out of yarn one last time. But, it’ll be so close to the finish that I can probably just finish up with the singles already on the spindles currently.)


I believe that would now be the word to describe me and my lizard ridge project.


That right there is another 170 yards of 3 ply yarn. As well as more singles on the spindle. I really am not sure how fast the icord bind off I am planning will eat yarn, and the border will eat half of the skein I just spun. So, I am spinning more right off the bat.

Speaking of tenacity, my daughter’s fever and cough are holding steady as well. They just aren’t ready to quit. I packed most of the cough drops, unfortunately, a week ago. Thankfully between my purse and sad cough drops that fell into my dresser drawers during some sickness awhile back, I am able to get her through today. Poor kid!

Meanwhile, today I am alternating my time between packing and Lizard Ridge.

This Week

Yesterday I was fortunate to have a mandatory training session in which I could get away with knitting. This was wonderful, because while in that session I was able to get a good portion down the leg of the second of my April socks.


Then at lunch, I placed the scrap yarn for the heel. Now just the remainder of the foot, another toe, and both afterthought heels. These April socks will get done in the month of April!

Meanwhile, my life looks like this:


That’s one of the packed stacks of boxes. Behind it, Miss Bug has made herself a nest. She woke up with a fever and a cough, and she seems to enjoy going in that nest to sleep. So for me? I am flick carding and spinning for the Lizard Ridge. Again.

What I’ve Been Up To Day 2

I finished that entire fleece!


It’s all sitting there drying nicely, and then I’ll box it up and probably not touch it until we get to the new house.

I also finished spinning the singles of the Smaug batt. The batt and the braid are ready to be plied together now.


It’s so fun to see such a smooth and even single right next to a funky textured single. I can’t wait to see what they’ll look like together.

Then there’s this little project I’ve been working on in spare moments. It’s a braid of merino from The Dyeing Arts. Mint green and brown, which is one of my favorite combinations. On a Bosworth, a KCL Woods, and a Trindle.


And finally, I finished plying the CVM Romeldale for the Lizard Ridge border yesterday. 190 yards of 3 ply yarn.


This is absolutely my favorite fleece ever, the resulting yarn is so entirely gorgeous!