What you get

It’s been so busy that I can’t really even get to taking pictures to post here. I started a sock over the weekend, but haven’t had much of an opportunity to post about it. So, today, while I had a little extra waiting time, instead of  just knitting, I took a quick picture.

It’s just a car shot. But, at least I get to post!


This is another Gentleman’s Plain Winter Sock for my mom. I figured I’d start them as my April socks, and then they’ll be ready to send to my mom before summer.

I had a major disaster with Lizard Ridge last night, but I was so disgusted with it that I couldn’t be bothered to even post about it. I just ripped it back out and figured I’d tell you about it later. So, once the first two strips are seamed, I’ll post the mistake as well as the fixed one.

That’s all I’ve got for today, which is a lot more than yesterday!

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