A Completion


Lizard Ridge is done. All knit and finished. I feel fortunate that I worked on weaving in the ends before I finished the border. It would have been tough to keep at it after the border was complete.

What it needs now is a really good steam blocking to loosen up the border yarn and make it lay flatter. There’s no way I am going to try to soak and block a queen size blanket, so a good steam blocking will have to do.

Unfortunately, the iron is packed. And I am not going to go try to find it at this point. So, it’ll have to wait for the unpacking in the new house. I’ll show a final picture then.

It is, however, a great relief to have it complete, and now I can work on other fun projects! Most notably the Smaug batt and braid plying project.

Two different bobbins.

IMG_2860 IMG_2862

Hopefully the yarn will dry quickly so I can show you a final handspun picture tomorrow!