Interesting Combination

I picked up some 50/50 wool/flax fiber on a destash board on Ravelry awhile back. I haven’t had much of an opportunity to spin with it, but finished a spindle full awhile back. Well, this fiber happens to be one of the projects left untouched by my packing obsession, since it’s currently already begun, and so I figured I’d keep at it. I am just about finished now, with just a short amount left to spin.


Then, I’ll ply this weekend, and start on my second color of the stuff.

To be honest, the blend is pretty tough to spin. Or, maybe I should just say it takes some getting used to. I have to spin far slower with it, it requires less twist than most of my wool blends, and if too much twist is in there, the resulting kinks are quite hard and scratchy. However, once I get into a groove, it goes ok. But, probably not something I’ll pick up again unless I have a very specific project in mind for it.