Wool and Flax Part 2

I did finish my second skein of wool and flax blend this week. It took a full two days to dry since we are having some wet and heavy weather. The first skein was done on a warm, sunny, windy day and dried in no time at all. This one I’ve been forced to wait a long time for.

But, it’s done! I have 195 yards of 2 ply on this one, which is nice and close to the 205 yards on the blue skein. I’d say they are about even in thickness as well, which will make them a very nicely matched set.


I am still spinning quite a bit! But, I am currently working on a project I don’t love. Sadly, it’s a project from BFL that I dyed myself. However, my dye skills are extremely lacking, especially when it comes to wool top, so it isn’t surprising that I am not loving a bump of my own fiber. That being said, it remains to be seen how it will look once it’s done. It could be lovely! I am going to make it a 3 ply, and then if it doesn’t look great, I’ll consider overdyeing it.


(I’ve only just noticed that I seem to be enjoying quite a bit of orange in my fiber lately.)

At the moment, I actually feel like I am spinning with a bit of an obsession. I’d left a certain amount of fiber out of the packed boxes to work through before the move. I am on the last bump of that fiber. I can easily access more, but I think this may hold me. Starting Saturday, we are pretty much full speed ahead with family in town, various planned activities, and then the move.

I admit, I just can’t wait to get my craft room and craft area set up! I look forward to getting everything organized, and then taking pictures and showing it off. Not much longer now….