Anticipation Versus Reality.

I dyed some BFL in a colorway I was copying from a bump of fiber on a destash board I desperately wanted. I figured better to make my own with the tools I have than to purchase yet more stash. It took me awhile to get around to spinning it, and I did so over quite a long period of time.

The entire time, I thought for sure it was going to be the ugliest yarn ever spun. I was anticipating overdyeing it because I thought it would be so very ugly.


And then I plied it, and magic happened. In reality, it’s lovely. My anticipation was so far away from reality that I can’t help but be surprised every time I look at the completed yarn!

This is a 3 ply, and I’ve only got 162 yards. Not a whole lot to work with. That’s ok, it’s just going in stash for now anyhow. Where hopefully it will remind me regularly that anticipation and reality are two different things most of the time.