Not as Colorful

Yesterday I worked on some very colorful spinning. But, in my spare moments I’ve been working on something less colorful, though still just as rich.


Back when I purchased my grey CVM/Romeldale fleece, the one I spun up for the border of Lizard Ridge, my friend Mary purchase a CVM Romeldale fleece from the same shop. She wasn’t as enamored with the idea of processing her own fleece, and she’d found a mill she wanted to try. So she sent most of hers out to the mill, while I kept mine at home and did the dirty work myself.

I ended up trading her for some of her mill roving from that fleece. It’s been sitting in my stash for a couple years. And I craved something that I could work on that I’d not have to worry about colors with. So I pulled this one out.

I am telling you, it spins so fast! It’s lofty and bouncy and since it’s actual roving, it lends itself perfectly to long draw. The speed with which I am spinning this is just astounding! And makes me think that in the future, when I have a fleece, sending it out to a mill is absolutely a lovely option.

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