Moving Forward

I had one heck of a day yesterday. Here’s how it went. I left for the old house and work. I got to the old house, realized I’d forgotten my keys. Drove back home, picked up the keys, called in to work to let them know I’d be late. Drove back to the old house then to work. I opened a project I’d been working on in a system I am unfamiliar with only to find that all the work I’d done the day before was not saved because rather than saving in one place, there are two save buttons in two different places on the same page and you have to press both of them to get the work to actually save. I’d had a massage scheduled, but my massage therapist was a no show. I texted her, and apparently she hadn’t bothered to put the date and time she had offered me on her calendar. I can’t say I was pleased, and I am afraid I wasn’t terribly afraid to show it as flakiness has been a reoccurring problem. It’s just that she’s SO GOOD, and the only one in the area I’ve found who can really tackle my specific cycling related muscle issues. I also spent 2 hours using the shop vac on the old house as well as cleaning.

By the time I got to my house, I was absolutely done in. So, I got the dishes done. Mr. Ink shows up and says “The day you just had and your way of dealing with it is to do the dishes?!?!” I said “I just need ONE THING to go right today!”

It’s going to be another busy few days, and so I figured what I really need is a project that’s easy and comfortable to work on. And, a good friend of mine had mentioned the baktus she had on the needles. I love a baktus scarf, but I haven’t done one in ages! So I started one last evening, and worked on it through lunchtime today, and now I’ve got a nice start on an easy and comfortable knit out of handspun yarn that’s been in my stash forever.


It’s a 3 ply. And I feel better already.

5 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. You have me interested now, what is a baktus? I wonder why on some days everything seems to go wrong? I guess we just don’t notice the same when everything goes to plan. A new day tomorrow and hopefully a better one 🙂 x

    • It’s always interesting, isn’t it, how some days you can handle anything thrown at you, and somedays even the simplest stuff knocks you around!

      The baktus scarf is a really fun little free pattern that goes well with handspun yarn. The deal is, you weigh your yarn, knit until you’ve knit half of it, and then knit the second half. Use up all your yarn without a huge ball left over. I like that!

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