Only on the Weekend

It seems like most of my posting happens after a weekend now. As that’s basically my only real time to do any crafting, and even then it’s quite limited.

The house continues to be my project which holds my enthusiasm. Miss Bug was gone this weekend and Mr. Ink worked on Saturday so I was able to spend just a little time all by myself in the house. Well, alone except for the dog anyhow. Which brings me to a story.

In my last home, the only bathroom was a walk through style bathroom with two doors, each to a different room in the home. It was absolutely impossible to get some privacy in that bathroom while raising a child. Between her needing to use it at the same time I needed to use it, and a child’s natural inclination to lack of boundaries, at 10 yrs old, Miss Bug was still interrupting me in the bathroom. And I craved those boundaries. So, before we moved, Miss Bug and I had a discussion about those boundaries and how in the new house, with two bathrooms, there was really no reason at all to disturb me in the bathroom. She could give me AT LEAST that much time to myself. It was successful, and upon noticing that I was occupied, she’d wait until I was finished to contact me.

So, for the first time in 10 years I am consistently allowed a moment of peace and quiet in the bathroom. Except for the dog. Who has now accepted me as one of his humans, and rather than leaving me alone in the bathroom, paces back and forth in front of the bathroom door, nails clicking on the hardwood floor, the entire time I am in there.

You win some, you lose some.

Yesterday Mr. Ink and I spent over 5 hours on yard work. We mowed his family home and our home, each home having a huge yard with various difficulties to the mowing project. And then we spent the rest of the time cleaning up the waste leftover from last year in the gardens, and removing invasive paper mulberry stumps. We’ve still got a bit to do, but it’s in good shape now. This 5 hours was the brief window of time that the grass was almost dry enough to mow before more than a week of anticipated rain, and we were certainly feeling the pressure.


The reward for all this hard work? Our first iris! We’ve got so many more, but this one has made an early appearance. It’s such a mystery what will happen with these gardens this year and I am absolutely excited to find out!

In knitting, I’ve been working on my handspun baktus scarf. I’ve passed the midpoint now and am working my way through the decreases. It’s lovely, and I like that it is so muted, colorwise.


I’ve been picking it up in my spare moments. At work, when I am having morning coffee, when I am waiting for Miss Bug to finish getting ready for school. And, it’s moving along quite quickly even though I just haven’t devoted a ton of time to it. I guess that’s what monogamous knitting does to a project!

I spun for a couple hours too! But, sadly, I didn’t grab a picture, and I doubt I’ll look at the wheel again for awhile.

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