I Managed It!

So, I managed to take a few spinning pictures last evening. But first, let’s do this:


That’s my super cute Miss Bug before her choir concert last week. Standing out on the lawn in our new yard. I can’t believe how grown up she’s getting!

Anyhow, last evening I spent some time trying to get my craft room in a little better order. We are going to start showing off the house in a little over a week, having official visitors and entertaining. There’s still a ways to go, and I really need to be working on it when I am at home. I got a good portion of the way through a couple of boxes, and moved a bunch of things to more appropriate spots. And then? I decided since it looked so nice in there, I could grab a picture of what was on my wheel.


It was late by this time, so the picture is a little dark. This is a braid of superwash merino from The Dyeing Arts. It’s spinning up as dreamy as ever, and the plan is to chain ply it since I am in love with the colors as they are.

After I snapped a photo, I thought “Well, the wheel is already out, why not sit down for a bit and get some spinning time in!”

So I did. I turned on a little music there in my craft room, sat down, and got about a half an hour of spinning done before bed.


It’s really just amazing how much spinning can get done if you just work at it a bit every day. Truly amazing. I need to remember that!

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