I finished my handspun baktus scarf last evening. I’d actually been done, but I decided to use the small remaining ball of yarn for some fringe on the ends. I had time to make that happen last evening, so I set out to take pictures of the scarf.

Now, being that it’s a new place, I really haven’t scoped it out for great places to take photos. As I was wandering around the house looking for a place, Mr. Ink came home from work. I greeted him, then continued on my quest to find an appropriate place to photograph the scarf.

I settled on a fence in the yard. the top of it is rather weathered, and since it was a very windy day, and we are at the top of a hill, the weathered top of the fence actually held on to the scarf. So I quickly grabbed a picture.


And got photobombed in the process.

I actually love this photo. Because it’s so alive. If knitwear could snap in the wind, the ends of this scarf would be. And the mischievous look in Mr. Ink’s eyes is also caught by the camera. It sort of sums up what life has been like ever since we moved into the new place. Wild, crazy, fun.

As for the scarf itself. It’s handspun I’ve had in my stash for ages. The original fiber was Crown Mountain Farms, and it was only half of their regular 8oz. bump.  The baktus scarf serves it very well, I love how it stripes but stays teal.

I also managed to finish the increases on my new Nahant scarf. I am still knitting red but I can see a color change coming up, and even the red has some striping to it. I’ll take a picture for tomorrow. I am very excited about that project!

3 thoughts on “Wilson

  1. So gorgeous!!!!! I see one of these in my future 😉 I really love simple patterns that you can just chug away on, but then they look so gorgeous with handspun.

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