The Stuff Weekends Are Made Of

I am starting to think that weekends just mean more hard work. I guess it’s been that way for months on end now, so why would I think differently at this point? We spent the weekend cleaning, hanging art, shopping, assembling, repairing, and on and on. The house looks beautiful, but we are getting tired. And, a little bit resigned.

And then, this morning I woke up and walked out into my pristine living area with the art up on the walls and realized that It. Is. Worth. It. In fact, I can’t wait to get home this evening, despite the fact that we’ve got a full evening of yardwork planned, SIMPLY Because I know getting home to a beautiful space really does make me a more relaxed person, even if it does take a little bit of energy to get there.

One of the items we purchased this weekend was a large floor lamp. Our living area is very large, and very retro. We’ve had some struggles with lighting in there. Mr. Ink and I went shopping for a floor lamp, and ended up with the biggest, tallest lamp we could find. Once put together, it fit the space so perfectly we realized that a really huge lamp was exactly what that space needed. As a bonus, we also purchased a matching lamp shade for a regular table lamp we already had. That tied everything in well together.


(BTW, yes, we are leaving the paneling. The room is big enough for it, and it works with our retro theme.)

I also made a mother’s day dinner for Mr. Ink’s mom, and we had her over to see the house. That was quite pleasant, and while Mr. Ink is the real chef in the family, I was cooking for her specific needs, and I really hit that dinner out of the part, if I do say so myself. Really delicious comfort food was had by all.

And, as usual, I did manage to cobble together some bits of time to work on some knitting. My Nahant scarf is coming along quite well, I’ve worked through the first teal bit, and into some gold. Looks like we’ll get teal again right after the gold, from what is peaking through the ball of yarn I have for this.


That gold color is one of my absolute favorites, so I am looking forward to this section quite a bit!

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