That’s Because…

Yesterday I helped a friend pack up a moving truck to move to Washington. It felt like a good idea to pay back all the wonderful help we received during our move. I’ve also just always really enjoyed helping people move. It’s a time when I can get a little extra workout while doing something that is extremely highly appreciated.


The truck we loaded, early on in the process. Miss Bug was actually very helpful. She stayed at the edge of the truck, and pushed boxes to the back where they could be stacked easily. It’s nice to have a kid of an age where she’s hardworking and helpful!

Once we were done with that, we headed home. Mr. Ink wanted to go to the hardware store, and wanted to know if I wanted anything for my garden. After all, I’d just taken out 1/3 of this perennial bed:


In order to make room for veggies and herbs. Well, I just didn’t want him to get the pleasure of choosing what to get at the store, so I went along and picked up some veggie plants.

We then got home, Mr. Ink started preparing dinner, I yawned, and said “I just have no idea why I am so tired!”  And Mr. Ink says “It’s because you NEVER SIT DOWN!” He then told me to GO sit down and he’d cook dinner. So I went outside and picked a nice big bouquet of flowers, and spent the rest of the time dinner was being made straightening the house for our big party this weekend. Naturally.

I did get forced into sitting for a bit later on in the evening when my problematic heel got so bad I could barely walk. A little ice, a little rest, some seriously supportive shoes, and I am ready for an evening of work today.

I’ve still been getting some time in on Nahant here and there. I’ll take time to work on it in the mornings before work, and then it also goes with me TO work and I’ll work on it while I am on my lunch break. When you last saw it, I was in a gold/green section but headed toward red. Now I am firmly back into the red section, and I can see some more blue/green on the other side of that.


I probably won’t work on it much tonight, instead I’ll be vacuuming floors and doing laundry. And I couldn’t be happier about it!

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