The Start of Something Beautiful

We are on Day #4 of no AC, with at least another week and a half to go. Expected temps today to hit mid 90s (F). It is always surprising how being far too warm takes a toll on your ability to be a pleasant person. Add to that some trouble I am having with the cable company, ongoing since mid April, and finding out that despite being sure it was resolved at the end of May, it had NOT been resolved and that meant an additional evening on the phone with the company. Another evening wasted suffering through being on hold, trying not to take my frustrations out on the poor person who actually answered the phone, and trying to have confidence that it WILL be resolved this time. My advice to anyone in similar situations is to ask many questions. If you think it is resolved, ask again. And again, and again. Because no matter how many times I ask, the reiterate the last agreement, and tell them when I last called (3 times) to have it resolved, it still wasn’t done.

When I got off the phone, I asked myself “Shells, what would you really LIKE to be doing right now?” So, I took the glass of whiskey Mr. Ink had poured me while I was yelling at the computerized phone system, and wandered out to the garden.

There was good news and bad news. The slug infestation in my veggie garden seems to have resolved. The veggies and herbs are beginning to recover and grow. This year will be a slow start. Then I wandered over to my shady garden to look at the Hostas and the Lady’s Mantle. And figured out that the slugs had relocated to that garden and chewed up my Hostas. Very frustrating.

But, to leave this gardening post on a lighter note, I bought a Homely Homer tomato plant, as well as a couple others and one from seed. Homer already has buds!


Homer is doing very very well. And I am excited to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

As for the beautiful thing, I began another So I Gathered shawlette out of some The Dyeing Arts handspun from Rolags.


It’s mostly silk and luxury fibers and the yarn was so yellow and yummy and soft! So, during the weekend garage sale, I balled up this yarn and then cast it on yesterday.


And it really is the start of something yellow, muted, and beautiful. I am looking forward to this one, especially since the soft yarn running through my hands is an extremely pleasant experience.