Day 6, No AC

I think we are over the worst of it now. We went out of town on Tuesday evening to go see Flogging Molly. It was an overnighter, so we did not have the opportunity to open up and cool down the house in the evening. Upon our return on Wednesday, it was 85F inside, 97F outside. It was a pretty rough evening.

However, in our attempt to keep cooler, which required being out of the house, we wandered off to one of the local motorbike shops. I’ve been looking for a new jacket and helmet for awhile now. I find that women’s specific gear seems to come with requirements. It has to be pink, it has to be girly and fussy, and it has to come sized extremely inappropriately. And, I cannot accept these requirements in my personal gear.

I was looking for a helmet with a drop down sun visor, and graphics that were cool, visible, and on the side of gender neutral. But no pink. For the jacket, I wanted something that was not fussy. Not a bunch of zippers and tabs and snaps making it tough to get started in a timely manner. And also, no pink.

And I found them, after a long hunt.


The helmet wasn’t my favorite. There were two others I actually liked better. But they didn’t actually fit the requirements of a helmet upgrade so I was forced to pass them up. And I do really like it. The jacket though? That’s perfect. Light colored, light weight, fits perfectly, no pink. A very nice upgrade to my gear.

A storm rolled through late last night and the heat broke. We should be much more comfortable in the upcoming week even with the broken AC. It’s a big sigh of relief to be honest.

I’ve been doing a bit of spindle spinning every now and then. I snatched up a braid from Dyeabolical recently during one of the in stock shop updates. It’s so pretty, but then blues and browns get me every time.


Hopefully the break in the heat will help nurture the crafting desire. The slightly less busy weekend should help as well!

One thought on “Day 6, No AC

  1. Really like the helmet! Hope you get your ac fixed soon! It’s been cooler here today. I’m hoping it will stay that way for a few days, but not holding my breath!
    Love that yarn! I need to get a spindle and try my hand at spinning. It looks like so much fun!

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