It’s a big deal people, a really big deal! Our AC is up and running again. And gone with the heat and humidity and loud noise of fans is my black and uninspired mood. A win!

Good timing really, because we leave on a weekend trip early tomorrow morning and I have not even packed one single item yet. And that’s HIGHLY unusual for me.

But, I think I will be taking this:


This is my updated progress on my canyonette shawl out of my Smaug handspun. Here’s the thing, this is a really fun knit. And a little bit mindless, which is just what I need! And the changes of colors is really beautiful and surprising. So, it’s going on the trip with me. There’s 3 sections to the shawl, and I am finished with section 1 which requires the use of a scale. It’s now safe to take it on a trip and just knit to my hearts content.

The AC wasn’t the only exciting thing that happened this week. Miss Bug got braces!


If you’ve been following along long enough, you might know that she did not have a front tooth, it refused to come in because there just wasn’t enough space in her mouth. A bit over a year ago, we started with a palatal expander, in hopes that the tooth would descend, but I admit I didn’t have a lot of hope. I really thought we’d be stuck with the oral surgery scenario. But, the tooth did come in, the expander removed and a retainer put in, and now braces to just move the front teeth into the correct positions. It’s a really big deal, and she’s been SUCH a trooper about all her mouth work. She says they hurt, but she’s not complaining much about them. And she’s been very responsive and responsible, realizing that I am trying to get her teeth fixed NOW so she doesn’t have to pay for that LATER. A big lesson for a little girl.

There’s been continued garden surprises as well around here, and I am not just talking about garden pests.


This lily really is absolutely spectacular! So beautiful, so bright, and it’s fun to see the promise of so many more blooms on that particular plant. We’ve really gotten into plants lately, with both Mr. Ink and I bringing home plants almost every time we go to the store. House plants and outdoor plants, and all manner of beautiful things reside in and around our home these days.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! I’ll see you when I get back, ideally with pictures and knitting progress.

5 thoughts on “AC

  1. My mother still says to me ‘aren’t you glad you had braces?’

    Invariably, the answer is yes! I hated at the retainers and headgear but I have pretty nice teeth 🙂 The dentist always compliments me during visits…no lectures!

    I hadn’t thought about my braces in a long time…they were definitely worth the trouble though!

    • I’ve heard from my mother and a couple of her sisters some anger over the years at not having had their teeth taken care of when they were children. My parents, no matter how little they had, made sure that our teeth were in good shape, and I am grateful. Certainly one thing to pass on to my own child!

  2. I am catching up on blogs this morning & have to say I can relate to the ac issues – I think ours may be dead or dying. Thankfully we are having our first significant heat this weekend. We’ll see how it goes! So glad to hear yours is back though!

    And I have to give props to Bug for being so tough! My daughter was in the exact same boat – one of her front teeth was not coming in and it wasn’t showing up on xrays. It took well over a year to come in and the dentist told us to brace for it being turned or not coming in, but it has finally started growing in only a bit crooked. I sympathize with what goes along with this whole process!

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