Colorado Trip

Well, we left for Colorado on Friday night, and returned on Monday night. We went specifically so I could go to an all women’s mountain biking clinic. A 2 day course. There were 100 women, but enough coaches to break it down so that we had about 6 people in our group. I learned so much in such a short amount of time, and I’d absolutely go back again next year.

The type of biking we were doing was the type where you are taken to the top of the mountain via gondola, and you bike down. We rented bikes for this, since we do not actually own the type of bikes necessary for this type of biking. With the rental, I received a helmet that scared me a bit.


I mean, it’s really hard to imagine the type of biking I’d need a full face helmet for, as well as knee pads and elbow pads, which I was also provided with.

Thankfully, I didn’t need it. My course was skills based rather than downhill craziness. But, Mr. Ink did end up using his full gear and getting a ton of crazy bike time in.


And he needed it, he shredded a knee pad in one of his crashes. He’s still way more bad ass than I am.IMG_3076

After day 1 of biking, we regrouped, chatted about our day, showed each other which trails we’d ridden, and had a drink. Mr. Ink found Agave Wheat beer, something we’d had once and searched for ever since. We brought some home with us, naturally. We had dinner, and then up to the resort roof for some hot tub time.


Overlooking the mountains. Great fun!

I worked on my canyonette shawl in the mornings while drinking coffee. A very nice meditation to begin my day.


I’ve actually really come a long way on that shawl, and am eager to show it off soon.

And, after all the biking was over and we returned our bikes, we went out for dinner, took a walk by the lake on the beach, and sat and talked about our experience.


It really was an extraordinary experience and trip. I suspect it was just long enough to make me wish I was able to stay longer, rather than having that overwhelming feeling that I really want to get home. But, I will admit to being very glad to see my own bed on Monday evening!