Another Successful Weekend

We held another garage sale this weekend at the old house. Two full days, and we decided it would be The Last. After this, everything needed to find another way out the door. This meant that today we really slashed the prices, and took just about any deal people wanted to make. While we won’t donate ALL of it, we will donate quite a bit now, and in fact I had Mr. Ink take a load to goodwill out of the driveway so that we didn’t have to move it inside to sort, and then back into the truck. The less we have to touch things now, the better my mood will stay.

I’ve got a car load for half price books, and since we were smart and spent a bunch of time sorting and boxing items, we could easily make another goodwill run tomorrow. It has been wonderful to see the garage and storage area clear out, and it will be equally wonderful to see it empty. I really look forward to that!

During those two days of predominately sitting around and manning the register, I knit. I knit so much! More than I have in one sitting since prior to moving into the new house. And I really enjoyed that time! In fact, today I finished my Canyonette shawl. This is out of my 2 ply handspun I created out of a Smaug batt and braid from Inglenook.


I absolutely LOVED the modular knitting. And oddly, I have plenty of yarn left over! I am so in love with this particular yarn that I may have to find something else to knit with it immediately. I am calling this one a grand success.