TdF wrap up

And thus wraps up another TdF. In the past, TdF has been ridiculously productive. Not as much this year, but still productive in getting me moving on a project. A total of 3 completed skeins.

IMG_3141 IMG_3155 IMG_3223

And, I began another:


Here’s where it sat as of yesterday evening. It’s going fast since I am spinning quite a bit thicker, but I had limited time for it yesterday.

Instead, we had a group motorbike ride planned. Mr. Ink decided that we needed to lube the chain on my bike. Now, my bike is lowered, and it’s a naked bike so there’s really nothing to grab to put it up on the center stand. We’ve had so many problems with this in the past. Every other bike I’ve worked with slides right onto its center stand with no issues, but this one causes pain, irritation, and foul language while sliding the bike and the stand backwards over the garage floor.

Mr. Ink decides to lube the chain, and says “You do realize this means we need to get it on the center stand today.”

I say “Yes. Surely there’s a better way than we have been doing?” And then I pointed out that we had an engine lift in the garage at the new house.


Soon after, we had my bike on its center stand with absolutely no issues whatsoever. Unfortunately, Mr. Ink will be changing out the seat on that bike soon, which will mean we will no longer have a convenient handle. On the other hand, he also plans to raise it back up to its appropriate height, so it’s also possible that will help our center stand issue. In any case, this was a real win, especially since it was quite hot and humid yesterday.

We then went on a group ride. Surprisingly enough, there were 2 other women riders this time! Pretty much I am the only female on her own motorbike in any group I ride with so this was quite exciting. Even with the high heat and humidity, we stayed pretty comfortable as we were moving along. And we took long rest stops for water in the AC when we had the opportunity. I think I put in 115 miles or so.


It really was a great group to ride with, and I enjoyed it immensely. About halfway through the ride, I realized I was enjoying it in part because I wasn’t anxious to get back home. And I wasn’t anxious to get back home because we no longer have the second house albatross around our necks. It’s going to be awhile before I quit crowing about that!

Today….I knit! I took a complete knitting hiatus while TdF was going on. But, I was able to put in about an hour of work on my So I Gathered shawlette today, out of handspun from rolags. It is finally getting quite large, and the ball of yarn seems to be disappearing quickly. I don’t think it’ll be long before I am done with this one.


Tonight I’ll wind yarn for my next two projects. I’ll call them my July socks, and they will be two christmas stockings. I am not saying I look forward to it, but it’ll be nice to have it off my plate, and nice to have a pair of July socks happen even though I spent the month spinning.

Camel. Merino. Silk

What a great spin! 6 oz. of camel/merino/silk blend from BMFA. It’s gorgeous stuff, and I decided to mix up the colors really well.

I spun the singles extremely thin, so that I have a 3 ply laceweight now. 620 yards. It’s really quite gorgeous!


I was going to take today as my only rest day, since I didn’t take the others even though we were so busy during the tour. After all, 3 new skeins of handspun during a very busy time while I haven’t been overly inspired about crafting? It’s a total win no matter what.

But, I tossed my fiber stash and reorganized. And then decided I needed to start something new anyhow.


This is, again, BMFA. It’s 4 oz of black BFL and a little over 3 oz of merino/silk. Same colorway. I thought I should spin them and then ply them together, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it might be even more fun to spin them separately and then knit them together.


So I decided to start with the BFL. I put a larger whorl on so I couldn’t spin so thin this time around, and of course that makes the project feel like it is flying already.

But, today is a day if motorbike riding. Not much more spinning will be had. And I can’t wait!

How it’s Supposed to Be

One of the things that most attracted me to Mr. Ink originally was how he always seemed to be trying to live the best possible life, in the present, with the resources he has. It matched how I try to go about life, and since our best lives matched, it makes for a very connected couple.

This year, thus far, we have not been living our best lives. We’ve been living the lives we had to in the circumstances, and doing what needed to be done. But, it hasn’t been our best lives. So, this weekend commenced with the albatross gone, and it really feels like we are back to our best lives.

Last night we made chimichangas, rice and beans, and margaritas. We hung out and enjoyed each other’s company and had a grand old time. This morning we puttered around the house, took the dog on a walk through the neighborhood, and went over to a local trail for a mountain bike ride. It began pouring on us, so we were unable to complete the ride. But we still felt like we were enjoying our best lives again, and that was SUCH a relief. The rest of the weekend is more of the same. Enjoying our home together, enjoying our activities, and doing that which we love to do.

In my spare moments at home, I’ve been plying. I’ve got my first bobbin done, and it looks great!


Now on to the next bit. Hopefully I’ll get this done today, when Mr. Ink is working on one of the motorcycles. I might even drag the wheel into the garage for a bit and hang out there.

The yard needs some attention as well, I hope to do some of that tomorrow morning. However, our very large and well established rose of sharon is blooming. So beautiful!


I think I need to try for a better picture later on. Hard to get a photo of blooms that are happening well over your head!

Just a few more days

Mr. Ink came home last night and said “I want to relax tonight!” I was secretly joyful, as we had already purchased tickets to go see some live music, but I wasn’t sure I was feeling it. Turns out, his form of relaxing was cooking a lovely fish dinner and then going out to see live music. But of course!

Thankfully, before all of that, I had a little down time to work on some of my plying project. Since it’s a large one, I am trying not to get too frustrated with the pace. Plus, it just takes longer to ply very thin singles.


It’s still looking good though!

Because I’ve been plying, I had to pull out another project for my spindles at work. With only a few days left to the tour, I doubt these will get done. But, I am maintaining my desire to ONLY spin during the tour, no knitting.


The fiber is dyeabolical’s Flower Shop Inferno, on a BFL/Firestar base. I’ll tell you what, this is one of my favorite bases, and this is the last bump I have on that base. It was tough to decide that I should spin it. However, surprising as it may seem, I don’t really have all that much left in my stash that is spindle spinning appropriate. Unless you count all of my undyed stuff, and I don’t because that’s just too boring a project during TdF.

I am thinking this one will be a 2 ply. I am enjoying spinning it quite a bit thicker than these previous two projects. It’ll feel like I am flying through it I bet.

BTW, dyeabolical is having a sale on dyed to order yarns and fibers, in case you want to add to your beautiful stash!

Removing the Albatross

Mr. Ink’s old house has been sold. For $7K more than listing price, cash offer. That’s really about as good as it’s going to get, and it means we can get out from under that house very quickly now. Mr. Ink picked up the last few things that needed to be taken out of the house yesterday, old batteries for recycling, and things we didn’t want to leave the new owners with. So, we actually do not ever have to go back there. It is done.

In other wonderful news, our little elderly dog bounced for his supper last evening. And in fact, he ate both suppers. He was also super affectionate, and wanted to be where the people were. It’s so good to see him truly feeling better. All better.

And, I seem to be reclaiming my life. If anything, this summer will go down in my memory as the summer we didn’t get to participate in. Mr. Ink and I both are active people with tons of various adventures happening on a regular basis. But, with so much hanging over our heads, we were unable to participate in life as we generally would. I partly think that it feels like we lost out on our summer, but I also try to remember that we did get to do a couple fun things, we took care of our responsibilities, and we had the opportunity to spend time with various family members while working on the old house. It’s not a loss, but we’ll be eager to get back to planning and enjoying next year.

In the meantime, I finished the singles I was working on last evening as I sat outside enjoying the patio and the backyard.


It was about the time we were to meet with our agents to hear the house offers, so I had to stop there, but I did get a very small start on plying late last night.


It’s 6 oz. of singles so it’s likely to take me FOREVER to finish. But, I am absolutely thrilled to have it started and in a place I can just sit with it every now and then and make a little progress.

Dog Update

I’ve got no new spinning of note for you. I did a bit last night, but really not much. First a quick house update. We had 6 showings on Monday, 8 on Tuesday, and 6 scheduled already for today. Tonight we get to hear all the offers at once, and I am quite excited about that.

Since I have no spinning update, I figured I’d give you a quick dog update. Over a week ago, our 17 year old dog came down with an infection and pancreatitis. At the age of 17, it seemed unlikely to me, right from the start, that he would pull through this one. As the days wore on, it seemed less and less likely that he could heal. He refused any and all food for 4 days, and was clearly quite miserable. Trying to get his pills in him required trickery and force, which didn’t make us feel very good, and made him suspicious of us. And even then, he’d often manage to chipmunk them and we’d find them on the floor later.

In the midst of all this, we were spending all our time cleaning out the old house and dealing with everything that went along with getting it on the market. So, we were pushed to our limits emotionally and physically. On Sunday evening, our sister in law ordered a huge meal of indian food, and we spread it out on the dining room table to feast.

And that little dog suddenly had interest in food. He wandered over to the table, and acted like he wanted to eat. So, Mr. Ink gave him a piece of tandoori chicken. And he ate it! Pretty sure we all cheered! He ate another piece, and that was it. But it was encouragement.

On Monday evening, it was 4 pieces of chicken. Tuesday, it was 6 pieces of chicken, and a little bit of meatloaf. And then he’d even chew up his chicken, then spit it back out. As if he wanted to enjoy it, but no more would work.

Today, by lunchtime, he’d already finished up his leftover chicken and ate a dog biscuit, the first dog oriented food he’s had in over a week. What a very good sign!


He’s upright and looking much better!


He started this illness at 28 pounds, which is pretty good. I was worried he’d have really dropped drastically, but I weighed him last night and he was at 27, not too shabby.


I didn’t grow up with dogs in my life, and haven’t tended to like them much as an adult. But this guy? He’s so sweet, so gentle, so quiet, and so funny. I used to empathize with dog owners in the loss of their dog, but I didn’t really get it. I get it now. The knowledge that this little guy won’t be around forever is gutting. But, I am just absolutely thrilled that we get a little more time with him, and that really feels like a bonus.

Back into the swing of things

So, between the dog being sick, and the clean out of the old house, it started to feel like my life was a pressure cooker, and the pressure just kept building. But, with the house on the market, and the dog finally improving a bit, someone let the steam out.

The great news is that the house had 5 showings yesterday and has 7 scheduled today!

Last evening I decided what we really needed was a night off from life. Yes, we’ve still got obligations. Yes, the lawn needs to be mowed. But, instead we did the things that we like to do together. We made a nice dinner, and I got the vacuuming and laundry done while Mr. Ink went grocery shopping. I did a tiny bit of spinning, but it was minimal, as spinning has been since Friday.

So, since there hasn’t been much of an update, and I am only working on one project, I figured I’d post where I am on that project.

On the wheel:


On the spindles:


In all honesty, there’s not much left. I’ll be plying by the weekend for certain. However, I suspect this will be my last TdF yarn. I might start another, but I don’t see it being completed before the end of the tour.

That’s a wrap

The great house clean out has finally been completed. It’s been 7 months of really hard work, but the old house goes on the market today.

Mr. Ink’s sister in law, Laura, was in town this weekend to help. We rented a dumpster, and tackled the last bit of sorting, dumping, and cleaning.

I meant to take pictures of the dumpster, I meant to take before and after pictures, I meant to do so many things. And yet, once in the thick of the clean out, I really couldn’t focus on anything other than getting the job done.


I did, however, snap a photo of the trailer that took all our metal away. Our local dirt trail non profit organization collects metal for recycling to support the organization. So, we’d been saving metal for 7 months. In fact, not only did we save metal from the old house, I brought metal from my house to put on the metal pile when we moved in April. It was so nice to have the trailer arrive, and have help loading up all that junk, secure in the knowledge that we did not have to haul it, and that trails that we use regularly will benefit from it.

When you get into the thick of an old house clean out, working your way through 40 years of detritus, you find yourself wondering what to do with certain items that can’t just be thrown away. As I cleaned and sorted, I made a pile of household hazardous waste type materials, wondering what I’d do with them. Well, fortunately, our city does have a free disposal service. So, I lined my trunk with a tarp, and completely filled the trunk with old paint and stain cans, chemicals, and various other fluids of somewhat unknown origin, still in original packaging. It was a really cool experience actually, I drove to the disposal site, entered the area, popped my trunk, filled out some paperwork, and some people in white suits and gloves took everything out of the trunk, never to be seen again. I admit, I had a moment of “They need suits and gloves? But I just loaded all that stuff without any protection!” Nevertheless, it was great to get it out of the old house so we didn’t have to clean around it.

I think for any job like the big clean out, what you really need, if you have the manpower, is one person in charge of trying to keep people fed. We really struggled with this. We’d have a big breakfast, and then start to work. It was, inevitably, after 2 p.m. before we managed to decide we were at a stopping point to have lunch. Then after lunch, we’d keep working late into the evening, and at about 8:30 we’d think “Oh my goodness! Restaurants will be closing soon, we’d better clean up and get something to eat!” That being said, it worked for us.

IMG_3196 IMG_3197

Mr. Ink taking a Sunday afternoon break. Lunch at 3 p.m. included two types of pizza, beer, and wine. A nice pick me up, and we were motivated to finish. At this point we were feeling triumphant because we only had a few things left to put in the dumpster in one room, and then to clean and vacuum that room. It was a major accomplishment, and we knew once that was done, all other chores were just “icing” on the cake. We didn’t HAVE to do yard work, but we got the house done in time to do a bunch of trimming.

The major casualty of the weekend was my 10 year old vacuum cleaner. I had a really nice vacuum, and Mr. Ink had already fixed it once this year, because I happen to like that vacuum so much it was hard to imagine not having it. But, with only a room and a half left to vacuum, it gave up the ghost on Saturday. Sunday morning found me in a store trying to decide on a cheap model to get us through the rest of the cleaning. I got one, and it’ll work, but I am not convinced I’ll love it. But the house is vacuumed and that’s what really counts.

Mr Ink’s mother, almost 90, informed him that since his middle name is Joseph, and St. Joseph is the patron saint of home sellers, she felt that we would get a miracle with the selling of this home. Laura’s quick response: Yes, the Miracle has a name, Kara and Laura.

Day 13? I think maybe it is…

TdF rolls on, and I think it’s day 13 but I am not positive. In the end, it matters little, as long as spinning time is to be had.

Things at Chez Shells continue to be rather crazy and stressful. Now, along with the deadline of the old house clean out, we have a sick old dog.


He’d been sick on Monday, but seemed to be recovering. Wednesday morning though, all went south again. Last night he went to the vet. Upon discovering he had a fever, he got anti nausea meds and a shot of antibiotics to start him off while we waited for his test results. In addition to an infection, he’s got pancreatitis, so he’s a pretty sad old dog at the moment. Mr. Ink and I were instructed to cook him a special diet, which we did last evening, and he goes on meds tonight. So, hopefully we’ll see an increase in comfort and energy levels soon. That being said, it really feels like my mind and attentions are being pulled in all sorts of directions.

As for the old house update, we didn’t have much time to work on it yesterday due to regular Wednesday evening obligations and the vet trip. But, Mr. Ink got a small bit of sorting done while we waited on a couple to come pick up the futon and frame they purchased off us. One more large item we don’t have to move, a win for us!

There was one other bonus that happened. Mr. Ink has a chair in the new house that’s lovely and colorful, but it needs a set of feet on it. It sits too low as is, and is scratching the floor. We’ve looked at hardware stores but not found anything that works. Well, as I was sitting in the basement with the junk that needs to go in the dumpster, I realized that I was looking at an ottoman, completely torn up and unusable, but with 4 perfect feet. I asked Mr. Ink if they’d work, and upon investigation, it seemed that they would. And just in case they would not, we grabbed the feet off another chair headed to the dumpster as well. Recycling for the win!

I did get some spinning done last night though, TdF wasn’t completely neglected! And I also managed to get out and do some garden weeding and flower deadheading. There were certainly some plusses to an exhausting evening.


I started a second bobbin (sorry for the blurry pic, it was very early morning and not a lot of light.) And, I’ll get more time at lunch today to do some spindle spinning of this same project. It really is a beautiful one!

TdF update

No new old house clean out pictures. I took some before shots, but after hasn’t really happened yet. I worked on those sections but they need to be properly sorted, and I am not one to do the sorting. So, I got another load to goodwill, did as much sorting as I possibly could on my own, and let it at that. Mr. Ink has worked very hard at prepping the yard for impending sale, but he’ll have to move inside pretty quick now for the actual sorting of the stuff.

Meanwhile, I have tonight “off” from the old house. Which means I get to concentrate on MY house, and then get some very pleasant downtime and spinning in. Mr. Ink is already planning what meal he can cook, as we’ve had to eat out the past 4 nights and I can tell he’s very sick of it.

Yesterday I did manage to fill another spindle full of singles and start a third spindle. There’s a tiny bit on a second bobbin on my wheel as well. My project feels slow, but it is moving along, and I bet if I actually had significant time to donate to it, I’d have it completed this weekend. Alas, that’s not to be. But, enjoy a picture of spindle singles anyhow!


An evening off from the old house means that a picture of wheel singles will be forthcoming tomorrow.

The Great Clean Out, and a TdF update

It’s hot, and we have less than a week to finish the old house clean out. Unfortunately, we are also at a point where it’s REALLY hard to stay motivated. We will be working on the clean out every single evening this week, and I am afraid you, dear readers, are stuck with my updates.

Monday night I started working on one of the (now grown up) kid’s rooms. He moved out, left all his stuff, and did not come back to claim it. And will not be coming back to claim it. Thus, I was forced to sort. Since there is no longer a washer and dryer, they were sold weeks ago, and most everything is not worth donating, I did a lot of trashing. Once I got the stuff out of there, including the furniture, all of which is too torn and beat up to donate, I was forced to deal with the floor. It was so bad that I used a broom on the carpet to get rid of the big stuff before I tackled it with a vacuum. And that’s when the real fun began. The floor was absolutely covered in these:


I am not entirely sure what they are, maybe BBs? They were everywhere, and so buried in the carpet as to not be visible. But, the vacuum cannot pick them up. So, the solution is to vacuum a section of carpet, listening to the raucous of the BBs skittering around in there, stop the vacuum, give it a good shake, and then pick up the pile of BBs. That was a fun job.

But, by the time last evening was done, both the kids rooms had been cleared of cobwebs, dusted, and vacuumed. Any more deep cleaning that will be done can be done after the sorting is done in the rest of the house. However, they are ready for some carpet cleaner love.

We set trash out, and in two evenings, this is what we had.


Recycling. JUST paper and cardboard. There’s loads more, but this is what I was able to get sorted.


Yard waste. There’s an entire pile of brush out back that needs to be cut and made into bundles, but this was a real decent start. Mr. Ink plans on doing some more of that work this evening.


Trash. That’s two full large bins, and 4 bags. I had another bag full, but Mr. Ink told me not to put it out since we are technically only allowed to put out 5 at a time. We were already over the limit.

We also were able to get 2 garage shelving units and a large garage cabinet over to the new place in the last two days. This was necessary, and even more importantly, it frees up additional space.

We have 4 work benches that have been sold, and the buyer will pick them up tonight. We’ve had bites on some other furniture that needs to move as well. The more that goes without us having to move it, the better.

I also rented a dumpster for the weekend, so we can really hit it hard during the final push to finish.

So, this is why there hasn’t been a ton of spinning progress. We are way too involved in other stuff, but the final push does mean that we won’t be spending a couple days at the old house on the regular, which will be so entirely freeing!


Doesn’t look that different from yesterday, but I swear there’s another layer of singles on there. I did also get more on a spindle, and I’ll do the same at lunchtime today.

TdF, more new yarn


TdF has been so so good to me already this year! It took me from not touching my wheel at all to actively sitting down at it every chance I get. While the chances are fewer than they have been in the past, I am still getting quite a bit done.

This skein is 270 yards of 3 ply fingering weight yarn. The fiber was Malabrigo Nube, colorway Arco Iris. I pulled thin strips off the bump and spun them without paying any attention to what the colors would do, which scattered them quite nicely. It left me with a skein that is overall green, but with lots of wonderful depth.

I immediately thought about putting a new project on my wheel, but then realized I’d actually rather keep working on what I’ve already started. So, I had brought my work project home for the weekend, and I began to put some of that on the wheel as well as the spindles.


This is camel/merino/silk and I was having a terrible time spinning it on my spindles. But it spins like a dream on the wheel. I am afraid my TdF will be a little boring now, as I’ve 6 oz. of the stuff and it’s all basically going to look just like this for awhile.

I am not taking a rest day today, I am saving my rest day for this weekend when we have Mr. Ink’s sister in law in town to help with the old house clean out. We got quite a bit done over there yesterday, but the deadline looms as does the work.

Day 9!

I am writing nice and early because I am hoping I won’t have an opportunity at the middle of the day. You see, we REALLY need to work on Mr. Ink’s old house. And he doesn’t want to. I don’t blame him, but we are working with a one week deadline now, so it must be done. We got a big load to the dump yesterday, but I am pretty sure we’ll be renting a dumpster for next weekend. I do suspect, however, that this entire week will be a broken record of my nagging. And helping.

So, then a few pictures from yesterday. I think I mentioned I had a lot to get done yesterday as well. I did! It even included time at the shop getting my oil changed, and spinning during that too.


Here’s a plying picture of the malabrigo nube I’d been working on. I do have a full skein of this now, but it’s still wet so no pics until tomorrow. It turned out quite lovely, and now I am on to my next project, the camel/merino/silk combo I worked on during my work breaks last week.

Another chore I tackled last night was eliminating a wasp nest from my garage door. I’ve never done such a thing before, so I was a bit nervous. Miss Bug asked me how I was going to do it, and I told her I was going to use protection.


Despite the high heat index, I was fully covered. And it ended up being anticlimactic, those wasps didn’t move at all. Tonight we have to remove the nest itself.

And then one cute picture of an elderly dog who slept so hard he fell out of bed.


I wish I had slept equally as well!

Happy TdF spinning my friends!

TdF day 8

Mr. Ink and I had time to watch a movie last night! This basically never happens. Or rather, we MADE time to watch a movie. We’d been out of the house all week busy with various activities, or entertaining at the house. So Thursday evening I’d asked him while we were out what we were doing on Friday, and he said in a pleading voice “Nothing?!?”  Done deal, that’s generally my preference anyhow.

So, we found a movie to watch, and that gave me more spinning time. I got another bobbin full of singles on the malabrigo nube done, and once I got bored of that, I put more singles on a support spindle.


I’ve got just a bit more to spin before I can start plying. Mr. Ink works this morning, and while you’d think that means it’s prime time to work on my crafts, I more enjoy using that time to clean up around the house. Dishes are started, laundry is started, and I really want to scrub the tub now that the caulking has been done. So, my reward for getting all that done will be a little bit of spinning time, IF there is time.

But, I am enjoying a cold coffee, the day is bright, my home is comfortable, and my first task is to write out a to do list for the weekend. (Mr. Ink asked for one.) So I’d say we are off to a very good start!

Happy Saturday friends, I hope you are all having a very pleasant day. With slightly less mugginess than we are having.

TdF Day 7

Because I am not actually paying any attention whatsoever to the actual tour, someone better tell me when it’s over, or I’ll just keep spinning.

Here’s my progress on the camel/merino/silk project I have at work:


It’s moving on pretty well considering I’ve only spent 5 hours on it total. I think I will be bringing it home this weekend in hopes that I can work on it if my Malabrigo Nube project either bores me or gets completed.

However, that’s probably wishful thinking. This weekend promises to be another one full of old house clean out work, and the new house will need it’s own attention as well.

Have a great weekend friends!

TdF Day 6

Last evening I had a rare evening where I was actually AT HOME. Not only at home, but Mr. Ink had a lot to do out of the house, so I was home and alone. I admit, I was pretty excited about the opportunity to get some things done around the house, and the opportunity to get a little spinning time in.

The kitchen was a royal mess as we’d been entertaining, but not actually home long enough to clean it all up. It took two loads of dishes in the dishwasher in one evening, plus handwashing all the pots and pans to finish up. But, I felt quite accomplished once I was done.

It’s funny, as you look to purchase a home, you think you have a pretty good idea of what is wrong with the home, and what is in good shape. But, once you move in, the cracks start to show. You begin to figure out what was cleverly covered up, as you unexpectedly uncover it. Thankfully, that which I’ve uncovered, so far, hasn’t been a big deal. But, those projects still must be dealt with, as leaving them alone isn’t going to make them go away.

Our home was built in 1962 and it retains all the mid century modern flair of the original build, except for the kitchen which was redone in the ’80s. (It’s my dream to redo the kitchen at some point, in an updated mid century modern flavor, in hopes that whomever purchases the home in the future loves it’s style as much as I do.)

The bathroom, in particular, has this wonderful original blue tile that I love. And I was impressed with just how good a shape that tile was in.


(You can just see the blue tile here.)

One thing my mom taught us was how to clean. Really well. And, I have been very motivated to keep that tile clean because I love it so much. Unfortunately, as I continued to attack the tile, there were entire sections where the grout just fell out of the wall. So disappointing! And as I looked closer, I could see that the grout had been caulked over in order to appear perfect, and my scrubbing had both removed the caulk cover up and dislodged the already crumbling grout.

After consulting with a coworker on what I should do in this case, he advised that rather than regrouting it, I could remove the crumbling grout and recaulk with a silicone based caulk. So, last evening, I decided to give it a try. There were just two main sections, problematic areas, and I decided that I certainly couldn’t make the problem worse by trying to fix those areas. So, all on my own, (And even without telling Mr. Ink!) I decided to take a leap of faith in my own abilities, and do the work myself.

I am very proud to say that the improvement is immediate! I watched a bunch of youtube videos on caulking, and felt like I really had some good advice. It was far easier than I expected, just as long as I took it slow and didn’t rush any part of the job. My reward is ’60s tile that looks like I WANT it to look! I expect that I may have a little more work to do, but I no longer fear that work and can do it as the problems come up.

By 8:30 I was done with all my chores, and could spend some time spinning while waiting for Mr. Ink to get home. I think I got about 2 hours of spinning in for Tour de Fleece. I decided that even though I’d been spinning the malabrigo nube on a support spindle, those two hours would be better spent on my wheel. So, I began spinning some of that malabrigo nube on the wheel. The results are beautiful and I am now far more inspired about the project!


I have an all evening bike ride planned tonight, so the only time I’ll get an opportunity to spin is during lunch at work. That’s ok, I am now onto my second spindle of my work project, so that too is moving along at a decent rate. I am enjoying both projects immensely, and I am enjoying the excuse to concentrate on my spinning a bit! It’s quite pleasant.

TdF Day 5

I’ve got finished yarn! I actually had finished yarn on Monday, but it just didn’t dry very quickly.

Fiber is Dyeabolical’s BFL colorway Wit Beyond Measure. I absolutely LOVE it. The color is beautiful and rich and absolutely the type of color that thrills me.


I ended up with 550 yards of 2 ply yarn. I’d say it’s a very light fingering to laceweight. It has long color runs which seems to be what I go for these days, though I am trying to break out of that box a little bit with my next two fibers.

Happy spinning my friends! It’s a lovely day around here and I am hoping I’ll have the opportunity to really sit down and spend some time with my wheel tonight!

Today’s TdF Update

It’s slow going folks. Very slow going!


I just haven’t had much time, basically the progress of two work lunches are on that spindle. I did start another bump at home as well, it’s a remarkably similar color actually. Imagine the same theme but with white instead of brown. Hopefully I’ll have an opportunity to show that off shortly.

I’ve been missing my 3 ply yarns, or missing creating them anyhow. So, both bumps will be 3 plies, and the colors should remain quite muted.

One of the main reasons I have such trouble finding time for crafts is that when we aren’t working on the new house and yard, and we aren’t working on the old house, we are often found entertaining in our new home.


(Please excuse the water stain!)

Last evening we had a good friend over for dinner. We hadn’t seen her since before we moved and we were both missing her company. So, Mr. Ink cooked us dinner and we gabbed all evening long. It’s so nice to live in a home that lends itself well to hosting guests!

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a skein of yarn to show off!

TdF day 3

I really wasn’t expecting to get so much plying done! But, I immediately got started on the dyeabolical BFL I had finished the singles of.


It ended up growing quite warm and muggy yesterday and Mr. Ink and I didn’t end up going on a bike ride after all. This gave me extra time for netflix and plying. I stayed up quite late in an attempt to finish this yarn, but in the end I just didn’t have enough time and I gave up. Maybe I’ll get the opportunity tonight.

We did manage to take a motorbike ride though. We rode into Iowa, enjoying some comfortable and pleasant back roads. I rode Mr. Ink’s bike out there, a ride I have come to prefer more than riding my own bike. Once we arrived, however, we discovered it had a fuel leak. Thankfully, Mr. Ink was able to fix it right in the parking lot.


It took a bit of time and frustration, but he managed. As you can see, the parking space next to us is clear, as was all the spaces near us. We were the only bikes there. But after, we were surrounded.


I guess it really was a good day for a ride! I got to test out my new helmet, a fancy Speed and Strength SS1500. It has a fabulous sun visor built into the helmet, eliminating my need to carry around my sun glasses or fuss with trying to figure out where to put them once the sun goes down. And, paired with that, I got to use my silver triumph jacket which fits beautifully. I’ve had both these items since the early June and this was the first opportunity I had to actually USE them.

I did pull out another bump of fiber to bring in to work.


It’s a 40% camel, 40% merino, 20% silk blend. I am intending to make it into a 3 ply yarn, as those really are my favorite. I’ve spun pure camel before, and I know it proves to be a bit of a challenge. I had hoped the addition of the silk and the merino would help that slog. Unfortunately, I was incorrect. It’s still a slog, and progress will be slow. And I’ve got an entire 6oz. of it!

Happy TdF participating friends, I am enjoying watching everyone’s progress!

TdF Day 2

We got up early this morning and rather than going on our planned bike ride, we immediately went out and mowed lawn. There was a storm bearing down on us, and even though the weather report said 0 chance of rain, we’ve been bit by that one before.

Thankfully, as we mowed, the storm veered north, so we may be able to have the rest of our day for bikes and motorcycles as originally planned.

But, I did grab a moment for spinning, as promised for my personal TdF. I finished a dyeabolical bump, called Wit Beyond Measure. It’s mixed BFL, and was an absolute joy to spin. Now I need to find time to pull out my wheel and ply. Bonus photo of some undyed and barely processed merino on a bossie. Hoping to get more of that done as well, though it’s a little less than inspiring!


Tour de Fleece Start

After much deliberation, I have decided to participate in Tour de Fleece. I won’t join a team, and my goal will be to spin daily. Simplicity is the name of my game. With my desire to spin so low this year, I think any progress at all will be a big deal to me.

I have had some dyeabolical fiber on spindles for awhile now. I can’t remember when I started it. But, it gets left to sit for weeks at a time. I figured that finishing up a current spin should be goal one for TdF.


I’ve really only just a little bit left to spin, and then I’ll pull out my wheel for plying.

Tonight is annual Tank Wars, so I’ve been cooking all day for the party. Below are my first homemade pita at the new house. I also made a couple dips to go with it, including pesto with basil from my garden. Also up, mojitos, as I’ve now gotten some mint well established outside.


Speaking of gardens, there are new lilies in our garden. This one actually got transplanted to our back fence when I put my veggie garden in.


And this one is possibly my favorite.


It is still in with my veggies. I love the scalloped edges, the gentle color, and the yellow in the middle. Quite the stunner!

Happy Fourth friends, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!