Today’s TdF Update

It’s slow going folks. Very slow going!


I just haven’t had much time, basically the progress of two work lunches are on that spindle. I did start another bump at home as well, it’s a remarkably similar color actually. Imagine the same theme but with white instead of brown. Hopefully I’ll have an opportunity to show that off shortly.

I’ve been missing my 3 ply yarns, or missing creating them anyhow. So, both bumps will be 3 plies, and the colors should remain quite muted.

One of the main reasons I have such trouble finding time for crafts is that when we aren’t working on the new house and yard, and we aren’t working on the old house, we are often found entertaining in our new home.


(Please excuse the water stain!)

Last evening we had a good friend over for dinner. We hadn’t seen her since before we moved and we were both missing her company. So, Mr. Ink cooked us dinner and we gabbed all evening long. It’s so nice to live in a home that lends itself well to hosting guests!

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a skein of yarn to show off!

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