TdF day 8

Mr. Ink and I had time to watch a movie last night! This basically never happens. Or rather, we MADE time to watch a movie. We’d been out of the house all week busy with various activities, or entertaining at the house. So Thursday evening I’d asked him while we were out what we were doing on Friday, and he said in a pleading voice “Nothing?!?” ┬áDone deal, that’s generally my preference anyhow.

So, we found a movie to watch, and that gave me more spinning time. I got another bobbin full of singles on the malabrigo nube done, and once I got bored of that, I put more singles on a support spindle.


I’ve got just a bit more to spin before I can start plying. Mr. Ink works this morning, and while you’d think that means it’s prime time to work on my crafts, I more enjoy using that time to clean up around the house. Dishes are started, laundry is started, and I really want to scrub the tub now that the caulking has been done. So, my reward for getting all that done will be a little bit of spinning time, IF there is time.

But, I am enjoying a cold coffee, the day is bright, my home is comfortable, and my first task is to write out a to do list for the weekend. (Mr. Ink asked for one.) So I’d say we are off to a very good start!

Happy Saturday friends, I hope you are all having a very pleasant day. With slightly less mugginess than we are having.