TdF update

No new old house clean out pictures. I took some before shots, but after hasn’t really happened yet. I worked on those sections but they need to be properly sorted, and I am not one to do the sorting. So, I got another load to goodwill, did as much sorting as I possibly could on my own, and let it at that. Mr. Ink has worked very hard at prepping the yard for impending sale, but he’ll have to move inside pretty quick now for the actual sorting of the stuff.

Meanwhile, I have tonight “off” from the old house. Which means I get to concentrate on MY house, and then get some very pleasant downtime and spinning in. Mr. Ink is already planning what meal he can cook, as we’ve had to eat out the past 4 nights and I can tell he’s very sick of it.

Yesterday I did manage to fill another spindle full of singles and start a third spindle. There’s a tiny bit on a second bobbin on my wheel as well. My project feels slow, but it is moving along, and I bet if I actually had significant time to donate to it, I’d have it completed this weekend. Alas, that’s not to be. But, enjoy a picture of spindle singles anyhow!


An evening off from the old house means that a picture of wheel singles will be forthcoming tomorrow.