Back into the swing of things

So, between the dog being sick, and the clean out of the old house, it started to feel like my life was a pressure cooker, and the pressure just kept building. But, with the house on the market, and the dog finally improving a bit, someone let the steam out.

The great news is that the house had 5 showings yesterday and has 7 scheduled today!

Last evening I decided what we really needed was a night off from life. Yes, we’ve still got obligations. Yes, the lawn needs to be mowed. But, instead we did the things that we like to do together. We made a nice dinner, and I got the vacuuming and laundry done while Mr. Ink went grocery shopping. I did a tiny bit of spinning, but it was minimal, as spinning has been since Friday.

So, since there hasn’t been much of an update, and I am only working on one project, I figured I’d post where I am on that project.

On the wheel:


On the spindles:


In all honesty, there’s not much left. I’ll be plying by the weekend for certain. However, I suspect this will be my last TdF yarn. I might start another, but I don’t see it being completed before the end of the tour.

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