Dog Update

I’ve got no new spinning of note for you. I did a bit last night, but really not much. First a quick house update. We had 6 showings on Monday, 8 on Tuesday, and 6 scheduled already for today. Tonight we get to hear all the offers at once, and I am quite excited about that.

Since I have no spinning update, I figured I’d give you a quick dog update. Over a week ago, our 17 year old dog came down with an infection and pancreatitis. At the age of 17, it seemed unlikely to me, right from the start, that he would pull through this one. As the days wore on, it seemed less and less likely that he could heal. He refused any and all food for 4 days, and was clearly quite miserable. Trying to get his pills in him required trickery and force, which didn’t make us feel very good, and made him suspicious of us. And even then, he’d often manage to chipmunk them and we’d find them on the floor later.

In the midst of all this, we were spending all our time cleaning out the old house and dealing with everything that went along with getting it on the market. So, we were pushed to our limits emotionally and physically. On Sunday evening, our sister in law ordered a huge meal of indian food, and we spread it out on the dining room table to feast.

And that little dog suddenly had interest in food. He wandered over to the table, and acted like he wanted to eat. So, Mr. Ink gave him a piece of tandoori chicken. And he ate it! Pretty sure we all cheered! He ate another piece, and that was it. But it was encouragement.

On Monday evening, it was 4 pieces of chicken. Tuesday, it was 6 pieces of chicken, and a little bit of meatloaf. And then he’d even chew up his chicken, then spit it back out. As if he wanted to enjoy it, but no more would work.

Today, by lunchtime, he’d already finished up his leftover chicken and ate a dog biscuit, the first dog oriented food he’s had in over a week. What a very good sign!


He’s upright and looking much better!


He started this illness at 28 pounds, which is pretty good. I was worried he’d have really dropped drastically, but I weighed him last night and he was at 27, not too shabby.


I didn’t grow up with dogs in my life, and haven’t tended to like them much as an adult. But this guy? He’s so sweet, so gentle, so quiet, and so funny. I used to empathize with dog owners in the loss of their dog, but I didn’t really get it. I get it now. The knowledge that this little guy won’t be around forever is gutting. But, I am just absolutely thrilled that we get a little more time with him, and that really feels like a bonus.