Removing the Albatross

Mr. Ink’s old house has been sold. For $7K more than listing price, cash offer. That’s really about as good as it’s going to get, and it means we can get out from under that house very quickly now. Mr. Ink picked up the last few things that needed to be taken out of the house yesterday, old batteries for recycling, and things we didn’t want to leave the new owners with. So, we actually do not ever have to go back there. It is done.

In other wonderful news, our little elderly dog bounced for his supper last evening. And in fact, he ate both suppers. He was also super affectionate, and wanted to be where the people were. It’s so good to see him truly feeling better. All better.

And, I seem to be reclaiming my life. If anything, this summer will go down in my memory as the summer we didn’t get to participate in. Mr. Ink and I both are active people with tons of various adventures happening on a regular basis. But, with so much hanging over our heads, we were unable to participate in life as we generally would. I partly think that it feels like we lost out on our summer, but I also try to remember that we did get to do a couple fun things, we took care of our responsibilities, and we had the opportunity to spend time with various family members while working on the old house. It’s not a loss, but we’ll be eager to get back to planning and enjoying next year.

In the meantime, I finished the singles I was working on last evening as I sat outside enjoying the patio and the backyard.


It was about the time we were to meet with our agents to hear the house offers, so I had to stop there, but I did get a very small start on plying late last night.


It’s 6 oz. of singles so it’s likely to take me FOREVER to finish. But, I am absolutely thrilled to have it started and in a place I can just sit with it every now and then and make a little progress.