Just a few more days

Mr. Ink came home last night and said “I want to relax tonight!” I was secretly joyful, as we had already purchased tickets to go see some live music, but I wasn’t sure I was feeling it. Turns out, his form of relaxing was cooking a lovely fish dinner and then going out to see live music. But of course!

Thankfully, before all of that, I had a little down time to work on some of my plying project. Since it’s a large one, I am trying not to get too frustrated with the pace. Plus, it just takes longer to ply very thin singles.


It’s still looking good though!

Because I’ve been plying, I had to pull out another project for my spindles at work. With only a few days left to the tour, I doubt these will get done. But, I am maintaining my desire to ONLY spin during the tour, no knitting.


The fiber is dyeabolical’s Flower Shop Inferno, on a BFL/Firestar base. I’ll tell you what, this is one of my favorite bases, and this is the last bump I have on that base. It was tough to decide that I should spin it. However, surprising as it may seem, I don’t really have all that much left in my stash that is spindle spinning appropriate. Unless you count all of my undyed stuff, and I don’t because that’s just too boring a project during TdF.

I am thinking this one will be a 2 ply. I am enjoying spinning it quite a bit thicker than these previous two projects. It’ll feel like I am flying through it I bet.

BTW, dyeabolical is having a sale on dyed to order yarns and fibers, in case you want to add to your beautiful stash!