How it’s Supposed to Be

One of the things that most attracted me to Mr. Ink originally was how he always seemed to be trying to live the best possible life, in the present, with the resources he has. It matched how I try to go about life, and since our best lives matched, it makes for a very connected couple.

This year, thus far, we have not been living our best lives. We’ve been living the lives we had to in the circumstances, and doing what needed to be done. But, it hasn’t been our best lives. So, this weekend commenced with the albatross gone, and it really feels like we are back to our best lives.

Last night we made chimichangas, rice and beans, and margaritas. We hung out and enjoyed each other’s company and had a grand old time. This morning we puttered around the house, took the dog on a walk through the neighborhood, and went over to a local trail for a mountain bike ride. It began pouring on us, so we were unable to complete the ride. But we still felt like we were enjoying our best lives again, and that was SUCH a relief. The rest of the weekend is more of the same. Enjoying our home together, enjoying our activities, and doing that which we love to do.

In my spare moments at home, I’ve been plying. I’ve got my first bobbin done, and it looks great!


Now on to the next bit. Hopefully I’ll get this done today, when Mr. Ink is working on one of the motorcycles. I might even drag the wheel into the garage for a bit and hang out there.

The yard needs some attention as well, I hope to do some of that tomorrow morning. However, our very large and well established rose of sharon is blooming. So beautiful!


I think I need to try for a better picture later on. Hard to get a photo of blooms that are happening well over your head!