Camel. Merino. Silk

What a great spin! 6 oz. of camel/merino/silk blend from BMFA. It’s gorgeous stuff, and I decided to mix up the colors really well.

I spun the singles extremely thin, so that I have a 3 ply laceweight now. 620 yards. It’s really quite gorgeous!


I was going to take today as my only rest day, since I didn’t take the others even though we were so busy during the tour. After all, 3 new skeins of handspun during a very busy time while I haven’t been overly inspired about crafting? It’s a total win no matter what.

But, I tossed my fiber stash and reorganized. And then decided I needed to start something new anyhow.


This is, again, BMFA. It’s 4 oz of black BFL and a little over 3 oz of merino/silk. Same colorway. I thought I should spin them and then ply them together, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it might be even more fun to spin them separately and then knit them together.


So I decided to start with the BFL. I put a larger whorl on so I couldn’t spin so thin this time around, and of course that makes the project feel like it is flying already.

But, today is a day if motorbike riding. Not much more spinning will be had. And I can’t wait!

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