TdF wrap up

And thus wraps up another TdF. In the past, TdF has been ridiculously productive. Not as much this year, but still productive in getting me moving on a project. A total of 3 completed skeins.

IMG_3141 IMG_3155 IMG_3223

And, I began another:


Here’s where it sat as of yesterday evening. It’s going fast since I am spinning quite a bit thicker, but I had limited time for it yesterday.

Instead, we had a group motorbike ride planned. Mr. Ink decided that we needed to lube the chain on my bike. Now, my bike is lowered, and it’s a naked bike so there’s really nothing to grab to put it up on the center stand. We’ve had so many problems with this in the past. Every other bike I’ve worked with slides right onto its center stand with no issues, but this one causes pain, irritation, and foul language while sliding the bike and the stand backwards over the garage floor.

Mr. Ink decides to lube the chain, and says “You do realize this means we need to get it on the center stand today.”

I say “Yes. Surely there’s a better way than we have been doing?” And then I pointed out that we had an engine lift in the garage at the new house.


Soon after, we had my bike on its center stand with absolutely no issues whatsoever. Unfortunately, Mr. Ink will be changing out the seat on that bike soon, which will mean we will no longer have a convenient handle. On the other hand, he also plans to raise it back up to its appropriate height, so it’s also possible that will help our center stand issue. In any case, this was a real win, especially since it was quite hot and humid yesterday.

We then went on a group ride. Surprisingly enough, there were 2 other women riders this time! Pretty much I am the only female on her own motorbike in any group I ride with so this was quite exciting. Even with the high heat and humidity, we stayed pretty comfortable as we were moving along. And we took long rest stops for water in the AC when we had the opportunity. I think I put in 115 miles or so.


It really was a great group to ride with, and I enjoyed it immensely. About halfway through the ride, I realized I was enjoying it in part because I wasn’t anxious to get back home. And I wasn’t anxious to get back home because we no longer have the second house albatross around our necks. It’s going to be awhile before I quit crowing about that!

Today….I knit! I took a complete knitting hiatus while TdF was going on. But, I was able to put in about an hour of work on my So I Gathered shawlette today, out of handspun from rolags. It is finally getting quite large, and the ball of yarn seems to be disappearing quickly. I don’t think it’ll be long before I am done with this one.


Tonight I’ll wind yarn for my next two projects. I’ll call them my July socks, and they will be two christmas stockings. I am not saying I look forward to it, but it’ll be nice to have it off my plate, and nice to have a pair of July socks happen even though I spent the month spinning.